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What are the 4.0 technologies?

The concept of “4.0” became popular with Industry 4.0, representing the fourth industrial revolution (after Mechanization, Mass production and Automation).

4.0 is closely linked to the Internet of Things and Cyber-Physical systems. All these technologies are about interconnecting objects with smart capabilities. While it seems just a small step, this passage enables an incredible number of opportunities – both from the technical and the business model side.

Our job is to help you to unleash all your potential by understanding these techniques and applying them to your current portfolio – or to help you shape your future by designing with you the next generation of your products.

4. 0 Consulting

For a hammer, everything looks like a nail

According to Accenture, 84% of companies don’t have an IoT strategy. We can help you shape your transformation, by analysing the market and giving you all the elements to make the best choices for the future.

4.0 Training

Excellence is not an episode, but an art made by training and habit

We have a large expertise in transferring knowledge related to IoT and ICT in general to a larger community.

4.0 Services

Is it not the strongest that survives, nor the most intelligent.
Is the one able to change

We can help setting up your teams, participating as Product Owner, and implement a truly agile development that goes beyond daily standups and backlogs.